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Avos Platform

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iGaming infrastructure

AVOS Platform

At the core of our online gaming infrastructure is the flexible and robust Avos Platform (AP) which has been built for scale and growth. It merges all modules of your online gaming solution into one common back end, connecting and synchronizing all player account and wallet management, bonus management, marketing channels, gaming products, reporting functions, payment solutions and more. Avos Platform can be integrated with any software that is required.


AVOS platform is using the latest technologies and modern e-business design patterns for a scalable, flexible and adaptable platform. Capable to support fast changing market demands.


AVOS platform is designed to adapt to the fast-changing market demands. Event driven microservices can react, scale and expand to support new business logic and business offers.

Cloud native

Using the latest container technologies and open standards to scale from zero to infinity within seconds. A true serverless architecture based on the latest technologies for continuous delivery and near zero downtime.


Business rules are externalized into configurable rule sets in a flexible business rule engine. All configuration values and business rules can be managed and inherited within a business unit hierarchy.

Big Data & A.I

Our data scientists assist stakeholders across all verticals of the operation to provide further insights which lead to automation in order to ensure efficient and effective operations.

White label + brand support

Easily build a business structure with multiple brands and franchises. Each business unit can inherit rules and configurations or implement its own. Making it easy to develop and maintain a large collection of brands on multiple markets.

Content management

Build pages and content for a customized customer experience. Use configurable rules to target content and pages to different customer segments. Build with latest web technologies.


Based on a reactive non-blocking programming model using asynchronous patterns the platform can scale with elasticity under varying workload always being responsive.

Customer Management Module

Customer Management Module

Our Customer Management module enables efficient day-to-day operations by offering holistic access to all players activities, transactions and balances. Assign various access levels to back-office applications within your team to obtain full transparency over users’ actions.

CRM Module

CRM Module

The CRM Module has been designed towards helping our partners to create marketing strategies based on proof of concepts. Identify and define player segments to drive loyalty and increase customer life-time value with offering campaigns to the right customer. Define player actions and customize real-time messaging offers triggered by specific actions.

Bonus Module

Bonus Module

Offering your players an innovative incentive system that enables multiple bonus offers at the same time. Build flows for several customer journeys and exclusion logics between bonus offerings without being limited in how many offers a customer can access simultaneously.

BI and Reporting

BI and Reporting Module

Accessing the right information at the right time and in the right format through in-depth and real-time reporting tools to help drive valuable analytics and business intelligence. Gain complete control in real-time with multiple filtering options over your operation’s player sessions, conversion rates and growth trendlines.


Payment Module

Managing and handling all your payment transactions through a seamless wallet across all gaming and payment suppliers.

Game Module

Game Module

The Avos Suite Game Module comprises all leading third-party game provider integrations offering a multitude of leading Game titles to complement competitive game title portfolios.


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